We believe it takes a dedicated team to manage our consumer brands at retail level.

At Incobrands our customer managers work with the brands they know and love. This way we can be sure to develop and execute effective brand strategies and enhance our consumer brands’ success in the market place. Coupled with smart technology and strong relationships our sales capabilities are maximised.


We stand out in sales because:

  • Our customer managers have an accumulative experience spanning the entire FMCG industry.
  • They are dedicated to and responsible for a particular retailer and / or channel affording us the capability and expertise to reach all levels of trade in Southern Africa and Africa.
  • We build strong relationships with all our stakeholders, from the corporate buyers and traders right through to retail.
  • We rely on smart systems to give us our efficient and proven go-to-market capacity.
  • We are dynamic and creative in our approach to sales.